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Rug Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Elite Rug Wash stands at the forefront of rug washing in Melbourne, setting the standard for excellence in every aspect of our service. With a commitment to traditional deep cleaning methods, state-of-the-art technology, and personalised care, we redefine the rug cleaning experience.

Trust us to go beyond surface cleaning, capturing embedded dust, and releasing dirt from deep within your rug fibres.

Choose Elite Rug Wash for a meticulous and effective approach that places us at the forefront of rug washing, ensuring your rugs receive unparalleled care and attention.”

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Rug Cleaning Services ALL types of RUGS

Wool Rug Wash

Wool Rug Wash includes meticulous handwashing with a gentle wool-safe shampoo, a custom wash bath for deep cleansing, the option for machine wash services.

We recommend regular cleaning to maintain the rug’s overall condition. Combining these methods ensures an effective and preserved beauty for your wool rug.

Cleaning Synthetic Rugs

Contemporary machine-made rugs predominantly feature synthetic fibres, posing a challenge in cleaning due to their water-repelling nature, hindering the shampoo’s effectiveness.

Our solution involves utilising a rotary carpet cleaning machine equipped with a soft brush to delicately agitate the fibres and ensure the shampoo works effectively. The outcome? Vibrant colours and a thoroughly hygienic rug.

Cleaning Silk Rugs

The luxurious look and feel of a Silk Rug are unparalleled. Similar to silk clothing, these rugs require careful cleaning to preserve their natural luster and prevent damage.

At Elite Rug Wash, we’ve crafted a gentle solution specifically designed for silk rugs, ensuring effective removal of dirt and grime while safeguarding their delicate fibres.

Revitalising Cotton Rugs

Many of today’s modern flatweave kilim rugs boast a composition entirely made of cotton, a material prized for its absorbent qualities that allow vibrant dye colours to flourish. However, this absorbency also means that cotton rugs can accumulate elements from your home.

At Elite Rug Wash, we take a unique approach. Our specialised higher pH cotton shampoo, applied with precision using a hand brush, is designed to not only cleanse but also brighten up the colours of your cotton rugs, ensuring a refreshed and vibrant appearance.

Cleaning Jute, Sisal, and Hemp Rugs

Jute and other natural fibre rugs may exhibit browning and yellowing when wet, attributed to the release of oils. It’s crucial to note that Jute rugs require professional cleaning by specialists and should never be cleaned at home. If natural fibre rugs aren’t dried promptly, the risk of Dry Rot increases rapidly, leading to brittleness and eventual deterioration.

At Elite Rug Wash, we employ a specialised technique to ensure a thorough cleaning process for Jute rugs, preserving their integrity and appearance.

Care for Vintage, Overdyed, and Patchwork Rugs

Vintage rugs undergo a meticulous process to attain a cherished, antique appearance, often showcasing the cotton foundation beneath.

Cleaning these rugs may unveil hidden issues that become apparent only after the wash. To learn more, kindly review our Rug Cleaning Authorisation and Liability Release form.

Cleaning Viscose, Art Silk, and All Man-Made Silk Rugs

Viscose, akin to rayon, poses significant challenges as a fibre in today’s rug market. Rugs crafted from Viscose tend to be delicate and may struggle to withstand typical daily use. Cleaning Viscose rugs can be intricate, and outcomes may differ based on the rug’s quality and the extent of soiling.

For all Viscose rug cleaning, we require completion of a signed Rug Cleaning Authorisation and Liability Release form.

Cleaning Persian Rugs

Renowned for their dense weave and intricate patterns, Persian Rugs are highly valued. Despite their beauty, these intricate patterns may conceal challenging stains, and the dense pile can accumulate a significant amount of dust.

Our approach to cleaning Persian Rugs involves shaking out the dust and employing traditional rug cleaning techniques. The fringes of these rugs are given special attention, and we proudly offer a dedicated Fringe Detail service as part of our FIRST CLASS wash. Consult with our Rug Specialist today for more information.

Rug Spot Cleaning

While completely eliminating all spots and stains from rugs may be challenging, our Rug Specialists have developed a pre-wash treatment designed to assist the shampoo in lifting stains during the wash.

To prevent stains from becoming permanent, swift action is crucial. Utilise a WHITE cotton towel to absorb spills without rubbing. It is essential to refrain from using detergents or store-bought sprays

Effective Rug Odour Removal

Our Odour Removal services take a proactive approach by addressing the root cause rather than merely covering it up. The initial phase involves a thorough washing of your rug.

During this process, we employ an Anti-Allergen Deodorizer to eliminate rug odours. What sets this deodorizer apart is its lack of scent, avoiding the common practice of masking odours with heavy fragrances.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that odours stemming from older stains can pose challenges and may be persistent.

Professional Decontamination of Pet Urine on Rugs

Timely action is crucial when dealing with pet urine on rugs to prevent permanent damage and discoloration. Elite Rug Wash recommends off-site professional cleaning as soon as possible.

For optimal results in removing pet urine, we employ a comprehensive water immersion clean. This method effectively releases and washes away the urine with clean water, ensuring thorough decontamination. Enhance the results by pairing it with our Rug Odour Removal services for a comprehensive solution.

Premium Non-Slip Rug Underlay

At Elite Rug Wash, we offer top-tier Non-Slip Rug Underlay designed for hard surfaces like timber floors, tiles, and stone, as well as soft surfaces like carpets.

Our skilled team custom-cuts the Non-Slip Rug Underlay to precisely fit your rug, ensuring complete coverage and optimizing performance. Beyond its functional benefits, the underlay enhances the appearance of your rugs by adding extra body and eliminating kinks and ripples.

Moth Infestation Treatment

Moth larvae are attracted to wool rugs, particularly in low-traffic areas and beneath furniture. Our approach to treating moth-damaged rugs involves identifying and removing any larvae, followed by a comprehensive dusting and thorough bathing of the rug.

To prevent moth recurrence, it’s crucial to reapply moth protection every three months during the initial year. Should you detect any signs of moths in your home, it is recommended to consult with a pest controller for further assistance.